bubbles // création 2019, 2016

"They must often change who would be constant in happiness." (Confucius)

Sometimes you stumble across things in life that are difficult to fit into existing structures. Sometimes you wish to be able to use an order of things that adapts to any situation – the search for a small hideout for the tiny, for open areas for the representative, for private corners for the private – only to then turn the originally chosen order upside down within just a few movements. To then show the tiny stuff in a big way, to put away the representative, to expose the private in public.

This is about finding a structure that supports itself and reacts to moods, feelings, situations, stages of life – to changes.


A structure that adapts its function to current needs. A structure that can transform itself, that can adapt itself, a structure that can set impulses.

These thoughts represent the starting point of this piece of furniture.

Bubbles can be rebuilt, altered and adapted both in its overall form and in its interior by means of modular elements. A frame structure with magically adhering surfaces define new possibilities within seconds:


Bubbles turns into custom-made furniture in every situation. Handcrafted as individual pieces at the design atelier Oblique in Berlin, bubbles creates a maximum of possibilities based on a minimum of elements.



For trying. For reinventing.
For changing. For experimenting.

Sometimes just for a moment or as a concept of life.




★  Gestalterpreis im Tischlerhandwerk 2016





☆ Zeughausmesse – Modern Craft, Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin 2019

☆ LIGNA – making more out of wood, Messe Hannover, Hannover 2019

☆  R4 Revelations – International Fine Craft & Creation Biennial, Grand Palais, Paris 2019

☆  Transformation – Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin 2018

☆  Internationale Handwerksmesse München (IHM) 2018

☆  Design & Artisanat d'Art, Hôtel de Ville, Paris 2017



Different variations in numbers of elements are possible.

Please contact us by email for the price list and for individual configurations.