sushi // création 2015

 concept by  Kamender / Thürich 2015

How was that with these tablecloths at our parents' ? We tried to get something positive out of them and quickly ended up with Pipi Longstocking, who simply pulls the tablecloth off the table when cleaning up. In order not to break as much tableware, we simply designed our tabletop as a tablecloth – firm, haptically appealing due to the soft cowhide leather top layer, yet rollable and flexible. When rolled back, this tablecloth reveals an additional level that functions as a desk or laundry stand and can be completely hidden in a single movement. Pipi Longstocking reversed.

Constructed from a specially developed composite material of oak and aluminium to give the large spans of the filigree table top rods the necessary strength, this design lives not only from its functionality but also from the fine details – aluminium lines that cross and meet everywhere.




★  1. Landespreis Gestaltendes Handwerk, Berlin 2016





☆  Auf den Kopf gestellt, Kunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin 2016